Providing with full range of accounting services we create safe and secure accounting background for our clients. Our activities include consulting prior to foundation of a company, operational accounting services and preparation of annual financial reports. These are as follows:

Accounting services

Accounting and Finance Administration Services

  • General ledger accounting
  • Finance administration
  • Preparation of payments
  • Supervision and management of analytic records
  • Compilation of financial statements in English and Hungarian
  • Preparation of tax declarations
  • Preparationof chart of accounts
  • Compliance of obligatory task in relation to the business operation (policies, preparation of opening balance sheet, analytic records)
  • Preparation of special financial analysis, reports

Auditing, compliance and consulting expert service

  • Audit of statutory financial statements
  • Auditing of transformation of companies
  • Compilation of validation reports
  • Validation of apport list
  • Compilation or certification of consolidated financial statements
  • Internal audit on request
  • Due diligence review
  • Review of financial reports
  • Review of financial projections
  • Compilation of financial and accounting information (eg. the preparation of financial statements in accordance with the Hungarian Law of Accounting) 
  • Compilation of financial and accounting information in accordance with required GAAP
  • Preparation of tax declarations based on supplied data
  • Examination of individual elements of financial statements (ie. receivables, inventories, bonuses, corporate income tax calculation)
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of contractual agreements (eg. interest payments, compliance with financial indicators planned, dividend payment limit


Payroll and social security services

  • Payroll calculation
  • Preparation of cost center payroll and other statements
  • Social Security, health insurance and pension settlement
  • Calculation of employer and employee contributions
  • Personal income tax calculation
  • Payments and other data recordings
  • HR administration
  • Preparation of payroll postings into the general ledger account registration
  • Annual reporting of tax and social security to the authorities
  • Monthly payments remittance from client's bank account
  • Monthly payroll reporting - cost center report as well
  • Operation of social security payroll unit
  • Payments and related data recording
  • Preparation of Social tax returns
  • Data reporting to various authorities

Tax consulting, incorporation

Tax consulting, Tax administration

  • Tax consulting, review and planning
  • Consulting on labour issues (eg. employment, termination, compensation, etc.).
  • Client representation in tax and social security cases (eg. VAT refunds)
  • Retrospective preparation of tax analitics
  • Assistance in tax audit


Collaboration in administration with starting business

  • Administration of the registration process
  • Company name registration
  • Deed of association
  • Tax registration
  • Consultation to select the appropriate legal form